Product Guide

Product Name: Topseal GRP Roofing

Topseal's single-ply GRP laminate can be installed to any size, in any BS 4800 colour and to any degree of complexity, without any seams, welds or joints and it comes with a minimum 20 year protected guarantee.

Standards Compliance

BBA (British Board of Agrément) Certificate Number: 93/2932 (can be viewed at:
Resins to BS 3532 and BS 2782, CSM to BS 3496 and colours to BS 4800.
Fire retardant to class 1 if required.
Calculated 'U' value = 0.24W/m2K (Calculated in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946.)

Finish Options

Colour range: Topseal is available in a choice of 2 shades of grey as standard: Cool Grey, Dark Admiralty.
Topseal holds a stock of its most popular BS 4800 colours (available on request.) A Topseal roof can be specified in any BS 4800 colour.
A Topseal roof can be specified with a non-slip aggregate finish.

Properties and Performance

Weathertightness (Excerpts from BBA certificate.) The system is impervious to water and, when used in the systems described will give a weathertight roofing capable of accepting minor structural movements without damage.
Resistance to wind uplift The system has adequate resistance to the effects of wind suction likely to occur within practice.

Properties in relation to fire A system comprising Topseal applied to an 18mm thick Sterling Board substrate, when tested to BS 476: Part3: 1958, was designated EXT.F.AA.A system comprising Topseal laminate applied to 15mm OSB/3 board when tested to prEN 1187; tests 1, 2 and 3, achieved Classification Broof (t1) Broof (t2) and Broof (t3) respectively.

Durability A Topseal GRP laminate constructed in accordance with the installation guide and formed in satisfactory weather conditions can be expected to maintain its integrity and show no measurable loss of physical properties for a period of 30 years or more.

Product Information

Test(Units Method Mean Result
Thickness (mm) Dial Guage 1.75
Apparent Density (kgm3) ISO 1183 1360
Glass/Resin Ration BS.2782 3.5:1
Barcol Hardness BS.2782 35